Spotlight Breeder/Cattery of the Month!

bulletName: Dana Pendergraph
Location: Dallas, Texas area
Cattery name: Blossom Ragdolls
Age: 49
Year started breeding: 2005

Why did you begin breeding cats? It's all about the Ragdoll to me! It was never a decision to just breed “cats.” I wanted to give back to the Ragdoll breed that I love with all my heart.

Why Ragdolls? I have been with the Ragdoll for 28 years. As I trained & showed horses all my life, I always had a Ragdoll cat traveling with me. Because of the Ragdoll temperament, wherever I was, they were happy to simply be with me. They have always been my best friend.

Favorite things about breeding: I adore spending lots and lots of time with my adult breeding cats, and my kittens. Each one is a family member. I sit and visit with each one, every day. They all bring me such peace.

Least favorite things you like about breeding: Any death of any of my cats or kittens. I also have no idea how I would ever let go of my current breeding cats! I currently think I won’t! ….so I’d better get a bigger house!

Theme of cattery and why you picked that theme: Flowers in the registered names…. It’s happy and simple.

Describe yourself and your cattery: Well….. Simply put? I have blinders on for my Ragdolls! I’ve always been the kind of person to do something right, or don’t do it at all. Previously, as a professional dressage horsewoman, I’ve been trained to pay strict attention to detail… So I’m happy to say that every tiny detail about my breeding, my cattery and my showing is important to me. I have been married to a wonderful man, Jack, for over 13 years. We raised 2 great children together and we have always been a good team… We are now a Blossom Ragdolls team! I have chosen to live a simple life, staying at home with my cattery, and my husband is an accountant for Homeland Security. We have been this working team our entire married life, with our kids and previously owning our own equestrian center and horse-drawn carriage company. Now regularly showing my cats every month, our husband and wife team-efforts continue in Blossom Ragdolls. We have become quite good and natural at this teamwork and he has become as picky as I am! You might enjoy seeing our “other” company’s website at My husband’s constant support of my love of animals has become our way of life. This choice for my home and cattery to be the first focus of my every day allows my cats, my kittens and my kitten families to reap its constant benefits. That is what’s important to me.

When did you start showing? I started showing Ragdolls in 2005… 28 years with my Ragdolls as pets, combined with my professional horse career, was very much my teaching and launching ground to allow me to flow right into showing Ragdolls.

What is your favorite thing about showing? I love the grooming, the showing, the driving or flying, and the entire show weekend… I love being with show friends. I actually love the hotels with my cats and the restaurants with my friends…. All in new towns! It’s simply who I am.

Least favorite things about showing: I will be honest… :J …as usual. Because I’m very in love with my cats, I have had to work at losing gracefully. I, of course, work hard to do well, but am actually so much better at the entire show scene now! I have longed for a team-feeling between the Ragdoll breeders in my TICA South Central Region… And I’m happy to say, it has happened! What a joy!

bulletPictures and interview compliments of and copyright © 2008 Dana Pendergraph/Ragdoll International.
May not be reprinted/published without authors express written permission.
All rights reserved. Ragdoll International does not endorse one cattery above another, featured spotlight breeder is a courtesy showing only. If you would like your cattery featured here, please send us a request.

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