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bulletName: Ken Staples
Location: Woonsocket Rhode Island
Cattery name: Kasseldolls
Age: 41
Year started breeding:2003

Why did you begin breeding cats?
I purchased my first Ragdoll in 2003. I instantly feel in love with the breed. I wanted to learn as much as I could about my new pet and the more I learned the more I knew that breeding Ragdolls was for me!

Why Ragdolls:
I love every thing about them. I love their personality. I love their look. I love the fact that they are low maintenance. I love the blue eyes! When I purchased my first Ragdoll I was caring for my aunt who had cancer. The joy that was brought to her, from this little kitten cuddling with her, was beyond belief. The kitten was named after my aunt and I knew that Ragdolls were going to be part of my life for a very long time.

Favorite things about breeding:

I love the way my Queens act when they are pregnant. They become even more loveable. They want to be pet all the time and they follow me every where. I love to watch the babies move inside them. I love the look of contentment on the face of each Queen as she lays there with my hand on her belly and she knows how happy I am. I love when my Queens go into labor because they come and find me or wake me and they tell me it is time and that I must be there with them to help if needed or just to share in the joy of their birth. And then of course I LOVE those kittens!

Least favorite things you like about breeding:

I am not good at accepting death so I would have to say my least favorite part is losing a kitten. I understand why death happens and that God is the one that makes all the decisions but I still fight as much as I can to save each and every kitten. I find it very hard to lose that battle and to let the mom down and have to take her baby away from her after it passes.

Theme of cattery and why you picked that theme:

I chose Kasseldolls because I have always loved the medieval times. I love the romance, the loyalty, the strength and the power of it all. I think the Ragdoll fits this theme very well. They are a strong, powerful cat but very loving and loyal to their humans. They have the body for strength and the heart for love.

I chose to spell it the way I did because KAS are my initials. I thought I could still use the castle theme but have a name that was unique..

Describe yourself and your cattery:

I was born and raised in Blackstone MA. I have never lived more than 10 minutes from my birth home. I am one of 11 children. We were raised in a Christian home and I strive to live my life the way God wants me to. I was raised in farm country so animals have been part of my life from day one. I owned and showed horses prior to entering the cat fancy.

I work in management for a Human Service Agency. We support people and their families who have special needs. I have worked in this field most of my life and I find it very rewarding.

My cattery, located in Rhode Island, is my home. I do not believe in caging any of my cats. I have a 13 room home so there is plenty of space for separating the boys from the girls and the babies from the general population without caging.. The house was remodeled to meet the needs of my cats while remaining a beautiful home. The majority of the doors are glass so even when separated they can see each other. There are rooms specifically designed for cat needs such as grooming, kitten rearing and quarantine if needed. The main part of the house IS my home and the cats are expected to behave in the home if they wish to live here. They do not scratch the furniture. They do not destroy things. They know if they wish to live here they must respect the home.

When did you start showing?

I purchased my first show cat from Jean Ransdell in March 2004. I had been talking with Jean for some time about a kitten and it was decided that I would meet her in Rhode Island at a TICA cat show. Once there I met my new baby and spent the weekend with Jean learning about showing. I was hooked and the next weekend was at another show. Since then I have been to many shows and I have to admit I am addicted! I have show cats from several very reputable breeders and I appreciate the cats as well as all the support I have received from each one of these wonderful breeders.

What is your favorite thing about showing:

Winning of course! I love showing. I love just about every thing about it. I have met so many wonderful people and I have made some of the best friends through the cat shows. Some times I am in awe of how people help, support and cheer their competitors on! I love to see the different cats and see what the judges think. I love to talk to other breeders about their cats and their cattery practices. I strive to learn some thing at each and every show!

Least favorite things about showing:

I do not enjoy driving at all so getting to the shows and getting home from the shows is what I least enjoy! Once there it is always worth the trip but the time it takes to get there and then get back home again I could certainly live without!

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May not be reprinted/published without authors express written permission.
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