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bulletInterview with Linda Smith/ Blueyed Cats

Name: Linda Smith
Location: Frankfort, Maine
Cattery name: Blueyed Cats
Year started breeding:1992

Why did you begin breeding cats?
I have always had cats, from the time I was a child.
My husband and I decided that we wanted a "special
kind of cat", and looked into the pedigreed cats in
our area, went to some shows, talked to some breeders,
and decided that we would like to "raise some of
these" since our children (all six of them) had grown
and left home.

Why Ragdolls:
Personality has to be first. Then the beauty of the
cat. We first saw the ragdoll at a show, and fell in
love. We came home, spent the next three days on the
internet "searching out" the ragdoll, found out about
Ann Baker, and the wonderful work that she had done,
and started looking for our next love of our life.

Favorite things about breeding:
First of all, the look on my husbands face when the
kittens are born, usually he is there. And next the
kittens themselves, pure white, can't see, and totally
dependent on their mother (and us), and watching them
grow, their eyes opening, and each one gaining their
own independence, and personality. Then the people
who come to see a kitten. You would think that they
had never seen a kitten before, they coo and ohh and
admire for what seems like hours.

Least favorite things you like about breeding:
Waiting is the worst thing, I think. We mark the date
of breeding, and then sit with the mother after the
66th day, and wait for birth. Husband and I take
shifts. We want the birth to be comfortable for the
mother, and to have one of us there, that she knows
for the touch and confidence that she may need.

Theme of cattery and why you picked that theme:
I think that Blueyed says it all, I have blue eyes, my
husband has blue eyes, and all of our cats have blue

Describe yourself and your cattery:
I am a certified registered nurse, now retired, and my
husband is a retired business owner. Now we have even
more time to spend with our "family" When we sold our
business, my husband added to our "old" farm a new
addition, a 20' by 30' new addition "just for the
kitties". They have piped in music, thier own air
conditioning in the summer, and their own thermatic
controlled heating in the winter, (not that they don't
come join us every day)

When did you start showing?
We started showing in 1999, at the request of one of
the "people" of TICA (The International Cat Association).

What is your favorite thing about showing:
People, people,people, the people that you meet are
unreal!! Always willing to help, tell you how to do
things at the show, even if you are showing against
them, hard to believe, but that is the way they are.

Least favorite things about showing:
Driving long hours, (but it is worth it). Price of the
motels. Price of gas.

bulletPictures and interview compliments of and copyright © 2005 Linda Smith/Ragdoll International.
May not be reprinted/published without authors express written permission.
All rights reserved.

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