Spotlight Breeder/Cattery #4!

bulletInterview with Margaret Trahan/ Cherryhill Ragdolls

Name: Margaret Trahan
Location: Braintree, Massachusetts
Cattery name: Cherryhill Ragdolls
Year started breeding:1998

Why you started breeding: I had always had dogs growing up as a child. It was not until my daughter, who loved cats finally convinced my husband and myself to adopt a kitten. We decided that we would look for a pedigree cat, so we searched the computer for various breeds. We came upon the ragdoll. We were very impressed with it's beauty and sweet temperament. Our next step was to visit a local cat show to see these wondrous cats in person. We were able to find a breeder with a few ragdoll kittens up for adoption. We were fortunate enough to take home a gorgeous seal mitted show quality male named Cranberry. He became the center of attention in our family of six. He not only won our hearts but the poor guy's feet never touched the floor as he was always being held by one of our family members. We then decided to adopt another kitten to keep Cranberry company. We found that two was just not enough. We decided after much research and consideration, breeding might be something that would interest us. Well one thing led to another and here I sit surrounded by these glorious blue eyed furry animals.

Favorite things about breeding : I love having kittens around. I enjoy watching them play and interact with their moms and with each other. There's nothing more satisfying than watching a kitten grow from day one until they begin leaving for their new homes. I also enjoy meeting and interviewing potential clients. I delight in matching up a kitten to that special someone.

Least Favorite things you like about breeding: Ultimately loosing a kitten when you've fought so hard to keep it alive. Retiring a breeding male or female and placing them with the right family. They have given us beautiful offspring. Finding them a forever long home is a top priority.

Anxiously waiting by the phone while your kittens are at the vet's office being spayed/neutered.

Your favorite things about Ragdolls: Their gentleness, loyalty and of course beauty......... I find that their personalities are different than most breeds. They are much more laid back and are great companions to young and old alike. There is never a moment that I do not have a cat or two following me from room to room.

Favorite color Ragdoll: Seal mitteds are my favorite, I love the contrast. Although I do have quite a collection of blue bicolors :0).

Favorite pattern: mitted

Theme of cattery and why you picked that theme : We live on Cherry Lane and our home is located on a hill. We decided that our special ragdoll cats are family members first and foremost, hencethe name Cherryhill Ragdolls.

Family/married: I have been married for 27 years and have four children. My husband is a Union Carpenter who works in Boston. I have two sons in college and one son who is an apprentice carpenter. My youngest is my daughter Robin, who is a junion in high school. She helps me socialize the kittens and assists me with cats when needed.

Describe yourself and your cattery: I am fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom, this way I can spend as much time with the cats as I like. We reside in a large bright sun-filled ten room Gambrel style home. We live with our special cats. They are an intricate part of our family life. I would not have it any other way. My male cats have their own living space, one of them lives in the nursery since he adores the babies and is often found cuddling with a kitten in one of the kitty condos. I have another who sleeps in our bedroom on my pillow at night. He is accompanied by my show quality sphynx cat who you will often find sleeping under the blankets trying to keep warm. Most of my breeding females have full run of the house and spend endless hours on cat trees on our enclosed porch. They are constantly being amused by the birds, squirrels and other creatures. I also have a finished basement where you will often find a few more ragdolls hanging out and watching TV with one of my children.

Do you show: ABSOLUTELY!!!!! I love showing my ragdolls. I am currently showing in TICA. In 2001, I showed one of my favorite cats, IW SGC Villaroyal Orion of Cherryhill to the highest title of Supreme Grand Champion.. Orion was TICA's BEST Ragdoll Champion Cat for the year 2001-2002. (Thank you Eileen Pickett) This past show season, my RW SGC Cherryhill Crystal Blue was BEST ragdoll cat in the Northeast Region and RW DGC Cherryhill Shelby was BEST ragdoll kitten in our region. Right now I am showing a kitten of Orion, Cheryhill OJ (short for Orion Jr.). OJ is doing quite well in the show halls, following in his dad's foot steps and bringing home lots of ribbons. We are so very proud of our boy. According to recent standings, he is the highest scoring ragdoll kitten in TICA Internationally for 2003. I am so excited about his achievements because I bred him and having him join my breeding program in the future does my heart good. He is just a lovebug.

If so, favorite things about showing: I have met plenty of people at the cat shows and have made long term friendships with many of them. I especially enjoy meeting new ragdoll breeders and discussing their cats and kittens etc...

Least favorite things about showing: The gossip and hearsay which can be harmful and untrue about others. Also showing against close friends.

One must always remember to display good sportsmanship while showing your cats.

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