Spotlight Breeder/Cattery #3!

bulletInterview with Nancy Sinkhorn/ Rural Rags Cattery

Nancy SinkhornName: Nancy Sinkhorn
Location:TyTy, Georgia
Cattery name: Rural Rags Cattery
Year started breeding:1992

Why you started breeding: I have loved cats all my life. I told my mom
when I was little,"when I grow up I am going to have a house full of
cats!!" Little did I know how true this would be.!! Back in 1992 I
had an tabby cat inside the house that had started attacking everyone. We
didn't know why she turned like this at 8 years old,but I knew I couldn't
keep her in the house anymore. I started looking for the "perfect cat" to
replace her. I picked up that months Cat Fancy and Ragdolls were the
featured breed. I read about them and thought they were too good to be
true. I decided to get one for my birthday. My Mom said why don't you breed
them, as much as you love cats and you don't have any children.... So that
started my search. I went touring catteries in Florida and Georgia. It was
instant love!!! I found some breeders that had cats available to get my
first breeding pair..Pat Bender and Kim Balas were my first mentors in my
early breeding and I am so grateful for their help.

Favorite things about breeding :Growing babies and seeing the joy the
kittens give the new owners. I stay in contact and receive pictures from
alot of my babies and I love to see how my grandchildren develop

Least Favorite things you like about breeding: Birthing brings me alot
of stress as I always worry something will go wrong. My first few litters I
had years ago I encountered a mother who wouldn't clean any of the babies;
so I had to do it all with the help of calling my mentor at 4am!! Then
a year later I had 4 litters in one month. I lost a kitten in each litter.
I cried everyday. I had let my Vet give Rabies shots while they were a
month pregnant, he said it would be alright, but I haven't lost a kitten
since. I thought .this is a test, to see if I can handle breeding.! ..and
here I am still here loving every minute of it.

SnickersYour favorite things about Ragdolls: I like the Ragdoll lines that are
big and floppy. I have been lucky to have researched lines and selected
breeding cats that have these features. It is so great to have a
cats/kittens that are always in your lap or following you around. My
husband will look over at me on the couch and say" How many cats are around
you? 1,2,3,4,5,6 he too is amazed at how loving they are. Happiness to
me is in my king size bed with all my cats around me!

Favorite color Ragdoll: I like blues, they are so elegant

Favorite pattern: mitted

Theme of cattery and why you picked that theme : We have no real theme
for our Cattery. I originally was going to give them all southern names,
like from Gone with the wind...Coming up with a Cattery name was so hard.
All the good ones were taken. We live out in the country in south Georgia
on 3 acres around alot of farmers..so we ended up with Rural Rags since we
live in a rural area.

Family/married: My husband John & I have been married since 1987. He is
a Substance Abuse Counselor and working on his Masters in Social Work. He
is from Brunswick, Georgia. I am a RN and work in the ER and CCU. I have
been nursing since 1979. We have no children. I got spayed in 1989 as their
is a hereditary disease in my family called Huntingtons Disease(Huntingtons
Chorea). My Mom has this horrible disease and my brother and sister and I
had a 50-50 chance of getting the gene for it. If you get the gene you get
the disease. If you don't you won't get it nor will your children. I found
out in 1991 that I have the gene so will get this disease. My Mom started
at 48 with symptoms, I am 45. The symtoms start with short term memory
loss, having a drunk type walk, and progress to full body "choreic
movements" . This is one reason why I got into breeding cats , so that
when I couldn't work anymore I could at least have my cats to breed and
have a hobby doing this.

Nancy & RAS2RICHES Jazzlyn BlueDescribe yourself and your cattery: We have a two story home that our
cats share with us. When I have a litter due I take Maternity leave at work for a week to be home with the mama. She is in our bedroom where we rub her
belly and give lots of love until the babies are born. We keep the abbies in the bedroom for 4 weeks so we can have alot of one on one with them.
The boys have a Batchelor pad in the attic. We convereted it to a big room 20 x 18 and they have their own air and heating system up there. We train all the cats/kittens on corragated cardboard products for scratching. We are also try to expose them to different environments, like ceiling fans, so they will be well adjusted.

Do you show: We have shown off and on. I showed my seal lynxpoint Dollchateau Tiggie in TICA in 1999 and she was the TICA international Seal Lynx Point Ragdoll of the year!! Yeah pointed cats!!!! I couldn't believe she beat teh bicolors but the judges loved her. I just got a new bicolor kitten that I will be showing this next year and I can't wait to get her out there!

If so, favorite things about showing: Meeting other Ragdoll owners/breeders..supporting each other at the rings

Least favorite things about showing: sometimes there aren't alot of shows
in the area and have to travel far to get to them.

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