Spotlight Breeder/Cattery #2!

bulletInterview with Pete and Cindy DeWolfe / Razl Dazl Dolls

Pete and Cindy DeWolfeName: Pete and Cindy DeWolfe
Location: Mojave Desert, Southern California
Cattery name: Razl Dazl Dolls Ragdolls
Age: Cindy, 40, Pete 55
Year started breeding: 1998

Why you started breeding: We rescued two papered Ragdolls and a litter of kittens from a lady who bought a horse from us. We fell in LOVE with Ragdolls and wanted to share them with others. It was hard to let the babies go at first, but when you see the smiling faces of the people who come to meet them and receive the letters of Thanks and wonderment of the Ragdoll Breed, it is so worth sharing them.

Favorite things you like about breeding: Helping the Queens give birth and playing with the kittens as they grow. The mothers are usually so attentive and I have a few mothers that will not give birth unless I am comforting them. I love to be a part of this wonderful Miracle.

Least favorite things about breeding: Runt kittens dying

Lindsey with her Blue Mitted female kittenYour favorite things about Ragdolls: How the Ragdolls love everybody "Unconditionally." Also how they can be playing really hard and all of the sudden fall asleep where ever they land, sometimes the kittens falling asleep on their noses. VERY CUTE!!! We also love how smart they are. They know right from wrong and can be taught so easily. Even to play fetch!!!

Favorite color Ragdoll: I really Love the Seal Bicolor and Peter loves the Reds and Tortie
Favorite pattern: Mine is the Bicolor and Van Pattern and Peter loves the Lynx pattern most.

Theme of cattery: Razl Dazl Dolls promotes "Unconditional Love 4 Sale" We breed for temperament and size and coat texture. We want all of our Ragdolls to be loving and Big. The biggest, floppiest cats are the Wonders of Ragdolls. We like the smaller ones too, but the bigger and floppier the better around here.

Why you picked that theme: We started with two Ragdolls from Dazzledoll lines and We wanted our cattery to come from those roots, so We came up with the name of Razl Dazl Dolls. I have always liked the expression, "Razzle Dazzle" and Ragdolls do that for us and all of those who meet them. Our motto is "Unconditional Love 4 Sale" for obvious reasons. Ragdolls love you unconditionally, not just when you feed them.

Family/married: Peter and I have been together 10 years, but married for 5 of those wonderful years. We have a large family combined. I have 2 children, Jasmine is 23 and lives in Montana where she works and goes to college. My younger daughter Lindsey lives with us. At 16 she is graduating from high school next spring and will start her own clothing store for teenagers (punk clothes and rockabilly styles). We have home schooled Lindsey since 7th grade and she has exceptional grades and drive. She just applied for her own Ragdoll cattery "Rockabilly Rags" and was sent her material from TICA recently. She has one Blue mitted Ragdoll to start her cattery. She has helped so much around our cattery, she wants to start her own. She will do well!!! Peter has 2 children from a previous marriage. Our daughter Sarah is 24 and has her own place and a wonderful job. Our son Peter has followed in his father's footsteps and is a Truck Driver for Yellow Freight, where his father is retiring from after 33 years as a Teamster. Peter Jr. has given us 2 wonderful grandchildren, Faith, 6 and Peter 4 (we call him 3 Pete) and we have another on the way. A baby girl named Madeline in December of 2003. We love family life and our Ragdolls are an important part of it. The grandchildren love to come over and play with the babies and pack them around. Little do they know, they help Nana to socialize them!!!!

Describe yourself and your cattery: I think I have described us and our cattery throughout, but if more need to be added, we pride ourselves on our Beautiful, healthy Ragdolls. We love them so much that most of our waking hours are contributed to their every whim and need. We have a cattery that is always open to others to come and see ALL of our cats as long as the babies are old enough and are vaccinated first. We enjoy educating others on Ragdolls and find it is a good tool for us learning as well. We are so "Hungry" to learn all there is to know about Ragdoll, from their genetics to how to show, to how they learn to love so easily. We do learn something new all the time and I never want to stop!!! We have also learned how important it is to preserve our breed and protect it, so early altering is a must here at Razl Dazl Dolls. No BYB will be started from our cats!!! Declawing is prohibited for our Ragdolls too. They are too sweet to change and Breaking any one's bones, breaks spirits in our opinion!!!

Razl Dazl at ShowDo you show: We do show. We started in January of 2003. We have gotten a Champion status for our 2 year old Blue Mitted Male, Zac. It has been a feat in itself since the judges don't care for Mitted Ragdoll cats in the TICA shows in the SW Region. We have shown 2 others that have taken time off. One to be a mother and one because he was loosing his beautiful Mane. They both need a final to Champion. We are currently showing this month in Arcadia California and going to our first out of State show in Corpus Christi, Texas on October 18, and 19th of 2003. It is also our first Congress show for Zac of Razl Dazl Dolls, so we are excited. We are also taking two kittens. Earth Angel's Celia of RazlDazlDolls, a Seal Bicolor and RazlDazlDolls Clayr, a Blue Bicolor with long sleeves. It will be interesting and fun to see how the SC region differs from ours. I find showing an enormous challenge and also a wonderful learning experience for our Ragdolls. I am not so much competitive right now as I am grateful to learn all I can. Call me a Sponge!!! LOL!!!
We will continue to show and learn all we can and help others as we go.

If so, favorite things about showing: How much we learn from others. I was so reluctant to show because I heard so many horror stories about mean people and back stabbing and it is not true, well not so far in the SW Region. You do have a few people like that, but I think my favorite thing is meeting breeders and making new friends and learning from them. Not just Ragdoll breeders either. We have met some wonderful Bengal Breeders and people showing HHP as well. We have learned a thing or two from them.

Least favorite things about showing: That if you don't have a Bicolor you are going to have to work extra hard to do good with your cats in the SW Region. This I do not understand and wish it were different. I will continue to plug along with my Blue Mitted and Seal Color point and see what happens, but I believe unless we go to shows out of our Region...Champion is it. I think there needs to be more sharing among the patterns over here...it can get disappointing!!!

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