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bullet Name: Dr. Brian and Cynthia Bailey
Location: Ashland, Kentucky
Cattery name: Adorablerags
Year started breeding: 2007

Why did you begin breeding cats?
We acquired out first Ragdoll, Jacquelyn approximately 14 years ago. She’s gorgeous healthy and plays like a kitten. All who meet her want one just like her.

We had difficulty getting into breeding and exhibiting for many years being met with massive resistance and no one willing to mentor us. Keeping the faith paid off; we adopted a breeding pair whom has since been adopted out to loving homes. This pair was our beginning along the journey to a bright future where we are now.

We love kittens and having them running around, enjoying the spiritual experience of kittens being born and being beside moms when giving birth. We are blessed as breeders keeping close watch as they thrive and thanking God for this gift that many do not have the opportunity to witness. Sharing the love, joy and blessings with others our adoptive kittens bring to the families they join. Keeping in touch, seeing photos and reading stories brings us tremendous happiness in knowing our kittens are loved and in a safe thriving environment.

Why Ragdolls:
Ragdoll Cats are big, fluffy, affectionate pets. They are wonderful companions, sweet natured and intelligent. They follow you, and stay sweet after they grow up. They love you back.

Favorite things about breeding:
Besides what was said above, it is always exciting to watch the kittens as they develop, each one with their own unique personality. Ragdolls changing so drastically from birth to 12 weeks of age, we often select a one or two to hold back from each litter keeping close watch to see if they develop into a show kitten.

Many times when families send photos of their kitten(s) as they have grown larger, we see a potential show cat and encourage them to participate in the cat fancy.

There too is immense personal satisfaction we receive from this hobby in meeting new friends and in giving and sharing with them the joy, happiness, warmth and affection of a Ragdoll Cat. Sharing our Ragdolls with others is a way of uniting folks who would otherwise not meet.

Least favorite things you like about breeding:
When you lose a small soul. Moms whom for whatever reason do not keep their kittens tidy and clean.

Theme of cattery and why you picked that theme:
We often get teased about our cattery theme. People see our website as a Bengal theme, but it wasn’t planned that way. Our true theme is adorable because that is what we hear folks often saying when seeing our kittens.

Describe yourself and your cattery:
We are a medium size cattery with three Florida rooms each with its own heating/cooling systems, HD flat screen TVs with DVD for their favorite video and favorite TV show, Animal Planet.

Our Sphynx cats have learned how to turn on the TV and select their favorite channel and volume level; Ragdolls are so laid back they prefer watching what has already been selected for their viewing pleasure.

On the third level of our home, we have a maternity ward where expectant moms and their kittens stay until six weeks of age and/or are weaned. At that time, the kittens move into two adjoining rooms on the 2nd floor, one being a family room with an attached Florida room that’s divided by sliding glass doors with a lot of natural light and nature to enjoy as squirrels and birds frolic in the Magnolia trees close enough to touch but inside the safety of the six sliding glass doors surrounding the room.

Our bedroom is home to five show cats with an attached Florida room that’s divided by a newly installed glass door where a window used to be for our Ragdolls that looks onto the Florida room and the great outdoors with large Pine trees and wildlife to view while safely tucked away inside. The rooms offer exceptional natural light and have wonderful custom handmade cat trees and medical grade antibacterial floors for their health and safety.

When did you start showing?

We began exhibiting Ragdolls and registered our cattery in 2007 with TICA, CFA and ACFA. Choosing TICA to begin exhibiting our Ragdolls, we began showing to become better breeders and to understand the standard we want to breed towards.

Last cat year (08/09), we participated in nearly 30 TICA cat shows and as a result, we have the 7th Best Allbreed Alter and Best Ragdoll Alter, Bluegrasrags Southern Pride; 3rd Best Ragdoll Champion, and Best Seal Point/Bicolor Bluegrasrags Tommy of Adorablerags; both Rockcreek CA Dreamin, “Cali” and Bluegrasrags Tommy of Adorablerags, “Tommy” were Regional Winners as kittens and Rockcreek CA Dreamin, “Cali” is the Best Seal Point Tortie/Bicolor; Bluegrasrags Joy of Adorablerags is the Best Seal Point/Colorpoint.

We had talked about participating in less shows this cat year, but our kitten, Adorablerags Point of No Return, aka; “Maggie” was awarded six finals in her first show at the Great Lakes Regional show and awarded eight finals at our last show. Our hope is to have her in the Top Three before the end of November.

What is your favorite thing about showing:
Knowledge gained from TICA judges and exhibitors, meeting folks with similar interests and making new friends, seeing other exhibitors beautiful Ragdolls and celebrating their victories and, of course, showing a kitten/cat whom does well in the ring.

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