Ragdoll Rescues

bulletPlease note:While we welcome the listings of all Ragdolls needing rescuing, Ragdoll International cannot certify that they are pedigreed Ragdolls and cannot be responsible for anything that may arise between parties involved in the listing or adopting of these rescues. All agreements are between the individual private parties and not by Ragdoll International. Either parties may refuse or accept any offer or request.

Unfortunately every year some Ragdolls end up in shelters and foster homes and need to be placed in loving forever homes. This page is intended to try and help place these Ragdolls. Ragdolls that are rescued and in need of placement along with those looking to adopt a rescued Ragdoll may list on this page.


bulletWhile we support and are trying to help all Ragdolls in need of rescuing, listing of Ragdoll Rescues on this page may only be listed by an RI member. Anyone is welcome to make arrangements to adopt one of these Ragdolls listed on this page by contacting the person on the listing. If you are not a member of RI and have a Ragdoll Rescue to list, think about joining RI or contacting a member to list the Ragdoll rescue for you.

If you would like to list your rescued ragdoll here or are willing to adopt a rescued ragdoll, please send your information to webmaster@ragdollinternational.org or fill out our brief Ragdoll Rescue Application.

This page is only intended for rescues and not retired breeders or available ragdolls. See other pages on website for those listings and adoptions.

People willing to adopt are listed below the available ragdolls.


 bullet Rescued Ragdolls Available

Ragdolls availableemail: Marcia.carlson@gmail.com
realname: Marcia Carlson
date: April 22, 2019
kittensname: Luchi and Polly
colorpattern: Blue cream and Tortie Point
date_of_birth: 2010
gender: female (both)
Circumstances: Family no longer able to have cats in house.
ship: No
sending_a_photo: yes
Breeder_of_ragdoll: Jessica Alwawi (California)
Owners: Marcia Carlson
comments: These are indoor cats that have been together since birth. Located in Portland, Oregon.

bullet Willing to Adopt

email: mcleansk@gmail.com
realname: Kelly Mclean
date: 04/09/19
phone: 360-482-1109
comments: I would like to be put on a registry for rescue or adoption of a Ragdoll. I have two gentle Rough Collie dogs who love cats and chickens.




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