Help our military have their Cat to come home to!

bulletIt is unfortunately anticipated that there will be hundreds, if not thousands of requests for the fostering of pets coming from members of our armed forces, National Guard and Reservists, that are being called to active duty as a result of the terrorist attacks.

Many of these people have pets and many may hope to have their pets returned to them when they come home. So there will be a large demand for foster homes all across the United States. During Desert Storm many animal shelters and rescues reported markedly increased numbers due to the call up.

Foster: to give temporary nurture, care and shelter
Home: individual or family's dwelling - also see, "where the heart is"

Do you know anyone who can find room in their heart and homes to foster one more cat? Purebred, or domestic?

Operations Noble Foster is coordinating the cat foster for military pets using an interactive, searchable database listing homes volunteering to foster and rescues with such foster homes available. In the meantime if a military person has an urgent need for a long term foster for their pet, please contact us as we have a list of offers of long term foster and adoptive homes for military pet purebred cats on file and will help advise you on arrangements and screening.

NetPets.Org is now using all of its resources in the cooperative formation of a Nation Wide network of individual foster homes who will be able to care for the other pets (not cats) of all those in the military and all other para-military personnel that will be going overseas during these trying times. To offer to foster a dog, bird, ferret, reptile or pot belly pig, please send your Name, the Name of your Rescue Organization, Your Location, and your Phone Number to


Linda Pollack Mercer, M.D
Director, Operation Noble Foster
Trustee, NetPets.Org


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