Helpful Tips for the First Time Exhibitor

bulletTip 1: Before the Show

Always make sure kitten/cat is healthy:
-The cat should be free of internal and external parasites
-All shots should be up to date
-Cat should test negative for Feline Leukemia Virus.

Notorious Show Bath:
-Most bathe the kitten/cat 1-2 days beforehand using multiple steps.
(Steps are on the Notorious Show Bath page)
-Make sure to clip only tips of front and back claws of kitten/cat
-Cleanliness is particularly important for household pets.
-The judges can spot a dirty ear right away.

bulletTip 2: Entering the Show

The Entry Clerk:
-The person who enters, and lists all cats in the show
-If you are having trouble filling out an entry form, they can help you.

If you are showing a Household Pet for the first time:
-Send a photo or description of the cat for help on what category it belongs in.
-Tail length fur usually determines whether it is longhair or shorthair

Kitten/Cat age:
-Kittens must be four months old at the time of the show.
-If your cat will be eight months old at the time of the show, then it is considered an adult.
-If you are selling kittens, the number of kittens to a cage is limited, and -you must pay a fee for the kittens' cage.

The show flyer will indicate the fees for:
-one-day and two-day entries
-extra caging space
-Advertising and etc.
-Usually, your check for the entry fees should be made payable to the cat club.
-Follow instructions on show flyer for any payments if questioning it.

*After the entry clerk had processed your entry or entries, you should receive a confirmation by mail. If you have not with in 2 weeks or at least one week before the show, contact them immediately.
*If you wish to be benched near someone, there is place on the entry form for “Benching Requests”, fill it out there. Not all wishes can be guaranteed, but show management will try their best

bulletTip 3: AT THE SHOW

-Most shows are 2-day shows and some are 3-day shows, Saturday and Sunday with different judges each day with 3-day shows starting Friday afternoon.
-You should always try to get to the show hall early the first day so that you are able to set-up and do initial grooming before the judging begins.
-The flyer or the confirmation will list the check-in time and you should only have to check in once, the first day.
-When you check in, the show officials will give you your cat’s entry number, show catalogue, where you are benched and any other important information.
-It is a good idea to bring your confirmation with you for reference if there are any problems or corrections to be made.

Setting up:
-Do not move benching areas or cages with out permission or help of show management
-Set up either own tent/cage or the cage provided.
-Benching cages are made of wire on the top and all sides, but with
an open bottom set on a wooden platform
-A single-size cage is 22"(w) x 22"(d) x 25"(h).
-You should bring a litter box small enough to fit in this space and still allow room for your cat.
-A double cage will be 44"(w) x 22”(d) x 25” (h)
-All kittens and cats entered in the show must be kept in cages, not carriers.
-Show rules also specify that no more that two kittens or one cat may be kept in a single-size benching cage.
-Make sure you have cage curtains because they are required (instructions for show curtains on links page)
-Curtains may be elaborate or as simple as a flat bed sheet

If you arrive late: (after the posted hours for checking in)
-You must still check in.
-Check in at all rings as well telling them your cat’s entry number and that you are here.

-All cats must remain in the show hall during posted show hours
-Cats are not permitted to remain in the show hall overnight.
-Take any valuables with overnight
-Leave curtains on the cage for very little set-up the next morning

bulletTip 4: Supplies to Bring

Free cat litter will usually be provided by the club; however you’re more than welcome to bring your own for your cat’s pleasure.

You should bring your own:
-Litter box
-Pooper Scooper
-Food and water dishes
-Bottled water for cat (eliminates possible diarrhea from water the cat is not used too)
-Cat food
-Cat toys
-Cage curtains, and coverings for top and bottom of cage
-Clothespins or binder clips for securing the cage curtains
-Brushes and combs
-Grooming powder (can be bought at show)
-Cat bed (if desired)
-Nail clippers (make sure you clip before hand)
-Cotton swabs
-Paper towels
-Small but adequate grooming table (simple “TV” dinner table with soft matting on it will do)
-Anti-static spray (can be bought at show)
-show tent may be purchased rather than using cages provided by show (link for show tents on links page)


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