Ragdoll International Constitution

Article I
The name of this club is the Ragdoll International (RI).

Article II
The purpose and objectives of the RI club is:

A. To promote the interests of Ragdoll cats, Ragdoll breeders, feline registration organizations, and all parties who have an interest in the Ragdoll cat breed.

B. To sponsor cat shows and special programs and otherwise promote the interest in and knowledge of the Ragdoll cats.

C. To cultivate friendship among and promote the interest of the owners, fanciers, and breeders of the Ragdoll cats.

D. To encourage breeding of Ragdoll cats toward the TICA standards and encourage the registration of Ragdoll cats within TICA.

E. To promote and encourage kindness to all animals and to assist in the prevention of cruelty and maltreatment of animals.

F. To encourage the spaying and neutering of any and all cats not specifically being used as part of a viable breeding program in order to reduce the excessive trend to over-population of, and tragedy among, unwanted domestic cats.

Article III
Breeders interested in the purpose and objectives of the RI club are eligible for membership under the conditions set forth in Article II of the By-Laws.

Article IV
The RI club shall be affiliated with The International Cat Association (TICA). Not less than three members (additional members optional) shall be members of TICA.

Article V
Only members of the RI club who are also members of TICA shall be eligible to serve as President and Secretary of the RI club.

Article VI
The RI club is intended to be an international breeders club which primarily serves the interest of Ragdoll breeders worldwide.

Article VII
Subject to approval of TICA, the RI club may adopt and amend by-laws not inconsistent with the by-laws, rules, and regulations of The International Cat Association. The RI club By-Laws will be up for review at the December membership meeting every even-numbered year.

Article VIII
If the RI club is dissolved, all remaining assets, after satisfying all RI club obligations, will be donated to a feline non-profit organization (or organizations) as determined by a simple majority vote of the RI club Board of Directors.

Article I The Board of Directors and Officers

A. The management of the business and affairs of the RI club shall be under the direction of the RI Board of Directors consisting of the elected RI officers and two additional elected RI members.

1. One non-officer board member shall head the Ways and Means Committee and shall appoint other members as necessary .

2. The other non-officer member shall head the Publicity Committee and shall appoint other members as necessary. This committee will create and publish a RI club newsletter at least 4 times a year.

B. Officers shall consist of:

1. A President, a Vice President, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Councilor.

2. The offices of Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer may be combined.

3. At no time will the President serve as Treasurer or visa versa.

C. Officer duties.

1. President:

a. Preside over all meetings of the RI club.

b. Sign all notes as authorized by the majority of the RI Board of Directors.

c. Call on the Secretary for the minutes of all meetings of the Board and membership meetings.

d. Call on the Treasurer for quarterly and annual accounting of all RI club financial transactions.

e. Represent the RI in all official communication with all outside organizations.

2. Vice President:

a. Fulfill the duties of President in the event the President is unwilling or unable to fulfill his/her duties as determined by a vote of a majority of the RI club Board of Directors.

b. To perform any RI club duties requested by the President.

3. Recording Secretary:

a. Fulfill the duties of Treasurer in the event the Treasurer is unwilling or unable to fulfill his/her duties as determined by a vote of a majority of the RI club Board of Directors.

b. Keep the Constitution and By-Laws of the RI club.

c. Keep minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors and minutes of any RI club membership meetings.

4. Corresponding Secretary:

a. Prepare the correspondence of the RI club.

b. Keep an accurate list of RI club membership.

c. Publish the business of the RI club.

5. Treasurer:

a. Keep an accurate accounting of all financial transactions, assets, and liabilities of the RI club.

b. Bank and disburse monies from RI club accounts.

c. Keep financial records available for audit and examination by the RI Board of Directors.

6. Councilor:

a. Shall be familiar with TICA, the RI club, and cat show procedures.

b. Guide and advise the RI club whenever assistance is needed or whenever the councilor feels that the RI club is not acting in the best interest of the fancy as a whole or is failing in some obligation to TICA.

D. Terms and elections:

1. Officers and Directors shall be elected by a membership vote sent to members by electronic mail or regular mail, returned by December 1st, and announced at the annual December RI club membership meeting and shall take office the following January 1st.

2. Elections for the President, Vice President, Councilor, and Ways and Means Committee Head shall be held every three years beginning in 1998.

3. Elections for the Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, and Publicity Committee Head shall be held every three years beginning in 1999.

4. Terms for all Officers and Directors shall be for a three two year period beginning on January 1st.

5. Vacancies in the RI Board of Directors shall be filled for the un-expired term by appointment by the remaining Board members.

E. Voting:

1. Each Board of Director member shall have one vote and all matters before the Board will be decided by a simple majority vote.

2. A quorum of three Board members present must be reached before the RI Board of Directors may vote on club business.

3. A quorum may be obtained either in person, written, or an electronic means, providing that the issue being voted on is clearly defined.

Article II Membership

A. Requirements

1. Membership in U.S. and Canada is open to The International Cat Association (TICA) registered catteries. Members in all other countries must have their cattery registered in at least one registration association. Member's cattery must be currently holding at least one whole male or one whole female registered Ragdoll cat.

2. Applying members must:

a. Complete application for membership.

b. Pay annual RI club dues.

3. Only active RI club members are approved to use the "Ragdoll International" club registered name in relation to any cattery literature, information, and/or advertisements.

B. Dues

1. Dues shall be $25 (US dollars) for members in the United States, and $35 (US Dollars) for members in all other countries. An exception will be made for any member other than the US who will except all mailings, including the newsletter, electronically; in which case the dues shall be $25 (US dollars).

2. Dues will be due in the month of June each year.

3. Rates for membership dues shall be set at the RI club annual December membership meeting and will be effective the month of June in the following year.

4. Dues may not be increased by the RI Board of Directors more than 10% in a year except upon a favorable vote by a simple majority of the membership in good standing of the RI club.

5. For the year that a new member joins the RI club, that year's dues shall be paid with the submission of their membership application.

C. Meetings

1. One RI club membership meeting will be held in the month of December and at such day, time and place as the Board of Directors shall designate.

2. Members shall be notified of the time and place of all meetings by mail, telephone, E-mail or in person by the Corresponding Secretary.

3. Five regular members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of RI club business.

4. All meetings shall be governed by the parliamentary authority of Robert's Rules of Order, Revised.

5. Special meetings may be called if necessary for the transaction of important RI club business, and may be called by any RI club Board of Directors member or upon written demand of at least five RI club members. The business at this meeting shall be limited to that mentioned in the call.

D. Voting

1. Voting will be mail, or electronic mail ballot and decided upon a simple majority of the ballots received on the due date.

2. Member must be in good standing and have all dues current prior to voting.

3. Members will have one vote:

a. Annual Board of Director’s Elections.

b. All matters concerning any change in the Constitution or By-Laws.

Article III Member Conduct.

A. Members, to maintain standing within the RI club, must be honest and fair in all dealings with fellow breeders, customers, and feline registration organizations. Members are expected to maintain the health of their Ragdoll cats through vigilance and good veterinary care. All cats held by members must be treated humanely, well feed, well groomed, and well housed.

B. Any genetic defects suspected in member cats will be thoroughly investigated and if found to have standing then that cat will not be used for breeding purposes and any breeders who may own progeny of that cat duly notified.

C. RI club members are encouraged to seek and obtain a TICA "Outstanding Cattery" certification.

D. Misconduct is defined as follows:

1. Member abuse or neglect of their cats.
2. Violation of any provision within this RI club Constitution and By-Laws.
3. Poor record-keeping or "hanging paper".
4. Failure to honor a customer contract.

Article IV Misconduct Hearing.

A. Notification of Misconduct.

1. Must be made in writing by complainant.

a. Contain sufficient documentation to determine the validity of the complaint.
b. Contain information on how to contact all relevant witnesses.

2. Sent by complainant to an officer of the RI club Board of Directors, "Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested".

3. Carbon copy provided to offending member(s).

B. The RI club Board of Directors will meet to discuss the offense and send copy of complaint to alleged offending member(s).

C. Each alleged offending member will have 30 days to respond to the allegation(s) and present evidence and witness statements on his/her behalf.

D. Resolution.

1. At the next regularly scheduled RI club Board of Directors meeting or special RI club board meeting called:

a. All evidence will be examined by the Board.

b. A determination will be made by a simple majority vote of the Board.

2. Notification to the offending member(s) as to the decision of the Board.

3. Offending member(s) to have 30 days to appeal Board decision and present mitigating evidence.

4. At a special RI club board meeting following the 30 day appeal period, the RI club Board of Directors will meet and discuss sanctions dependent upon the frequency or severity of the infraction:

a. Censure
b. Suspension
c. Expulsion


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