The Notorious Show Bath

bulletThe Steps

Materials: Goop (hand cleaner), Dawn (part water, part dawn), Snow Coat Shampoo (whitening shampoo), Mane and Tail Shampoo, and Vinegar

Step 1: clip their nails both front and hind

Step 2: Goop cat’s fur; especially tail, mane, under arms, behind the ears and their paws. Suds with water and rinse

Step 3: Bath the cat with the Dawn mix. Getting anywhere that is greasier than others very well. Rinse completely.

Step 4: Bath Cat with whitening shampoo. Rinse completely.

Step 5: Bath Cat with Mane and Tail. Rinse completely until water runs clear.

Step 6: Plug up drain filling tub/sink slightly with water. Pour about a cap full of vinegar, rinsing cat in tub/sink filled water. Get all areas, this helps get rid of any last shampoo residue. Rinse completely until you think all is rinsed out then do another rinse to make sure. After that last rinse, do another.

bullet The more rinsed the cat’s fur is the better!

bulletDry cat and then fluff with a blow dryer.


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