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We are a diverse group of dedicated Ragdoll breeders, and we are found throughout the world! With a high set of standards, ethics and integrity, we come together for the express purpose of enjoying and learning about our chosen breed while we work to maintain the integrity of our Ragdolls. Our goals include producing healthy kittens and cats with the endearing dispositions and beauty for which they are known!

We actively encourage the sharing of learning experiences, ideas and problems. We strive to be a group that encourages and supports each other and those who purchase from us, with decency, honesty and respect. Ragdoll International, as an organization, was not created to police its members, nor does it endorse any invasion of privacy of its members in the name of ethics, whether they are pet owners, home hobby breeders or those who run their catteries as a business.

We discuss all aspects of breeding, and attempt to provide our members with an abundance of information, and, when applicable, guidance. We believe an environment of mutual respect is most conducive to a learning atmosphere, and each and every member is free to choose the breeding solution or suggestion that seems most appropriate for their needs.

In addition, we attempt to provide ongoing education and updates on those topics which are of vital concern to our members, including the latest available updates on feline health and animal rights activism, the latter of which potentially threatens not only our right to breed our lovely Ragdolls, but the pet owner’s right to own them!

Ragdoll International is a progressive club, ready to listen to all new ideas and suggestions from our members. We discuss a variety of topics in an open and friendly way, without fear of ridicule. Members may submit ideas to any Board member or Chair for discussion and as warranted, a vote by the entire membership. Ragdoll International follows all TICA rules and guidelines. We encourage our members to be as active in TICA as they possibly can be, showing their Ragdolls whenever possible.

Ragdoll International publishes a quarterly newsletter, designed to keep our members well informed! We use the newsletter as a way to share our knowledge with each other, and to seek help with any problems we may experience. We encourage contributions to the newsletter, including information pertaining to personal experiences, questions regarding breeding or any aspect of breeding, showing and/or owning a Ragdoll or any new information available regarding feline health and welfare.

Hopefully, with the active participation and dedication of our members, we can gain as much knowledge as possible regarding every aspect of our beloved breed while maintaining and earning yet greater respect in the show ring as our beautiful Ragdolls surely deserve! We encourage our members to work together in a spirit of camaraderie and support, in and out of the show hall. If the increasing popularity of the Ragdoll is to continue, it is up to us to keep our standards and ethics high, while attempting to be as united as possible in our efforts to do and choose what is best for the breed as a whole.

To be a Breeder-Member with full voting privileges, one must be a Ragdoll breeder. While membership in TICA is strongly encouraged, it is not necessary for membership in RI. If you are a Ragdoll pet owner, we welcome you to join us, as well! It is our hope that all Ragdoll owners, both the breeder and pet owner alike, will consider the benefits RI has to offer, and become part of a Ragdoll association that strives to be a “cut above,” a difference that makes membership with Ragdoll International one of enduring and positive impact!

If you are a Ragdoll breeder, please join us in cooperation for our Ragdolls, by filling out and returning the information sheet for the appropriate membership. (Membership forms open a new window; please close to return to RI home page.) You are automatically subscribed to our RI Cats Meow Newsletter.


Ragdoll International Officers:


President....................... Susan Villareal - susancvillareal46@gmail.com
Vice President................ Nancy Gasperic - gaspericn@gmail.com
Secretary/Treasurer.......Elizabeth Weigand - bethweige13@gmail.com



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