Toileting Your Kitten

bulletYour kitten has been toilet trained using a litter box with kitty litter. The best filling for the litter box is one of the many brands of cat litters available, or wood pellets.

Please donít use sand, dirt or sawdust. It is not absorbent and quickly becomes wet and smelly. Sawdust ends up all over the house as it sticks to the catís paws.

Put the litter box in a place where your kitten can find it and try not to relocate it- your kitten is not a mind reader!

The litter box should be emptied and cleaned on a daily basis. Please use a disinfectant which is safe for cats.

Disinfectants containing phenols and cresols can be lethal to cats. They can absorb this substance through their paw pads. Please also be aware of the products you use in your bathrooms, kitchens etc.

We suggest chlorine based products or normal household bleach watered down.

bulletPlease remember your kitten is in a new environment and any adjustments need time, patience and understanding of the occasional Ďslip upsí that might occur.


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