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bulletby Mel Ritchie...Singapore

It was Easter, 1997, and our annual trip to the Sydney Easter Show. The oldest daughter, Emma, had seen a tiny article in the newspaper about a breed of cats called Ragdolls being exhibited. Laden with sample bags, various funny hats and creatures on sticks, we made our way to the Cat Pavillion. There in Cathy's arms was the most magnificent Blue Baron (who I
think won Cat of the Show). Of course, he was in his element, performing to his adoring crowd, Ragdoll position, a couple of languid turns, eyes on the audience and a yawn. We were bitten. We took back to Singapore Cathy's handout on Ragdolls. We combed the Net and found volumes on this unique breed. We were truly bitten. July, we returned to Sydney, rang Cathy to go over and see the kittens. Father (not a cat man) said "We'll take two!". We became the proud owners of Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie (aka Spud and Binkey). Cathy found time at all times of the day (and night) to teach us how to look after "The Boys".

They arrived in Singapore 9.30pm early July of that year. Quarantine at Changi Airport shuts at 10.00pm. We had 30 minutes to get them off the plane or they would have to stay caged overnight. Father said "Not our cats!". The quarantine people were so keen that the boys go home that night, they drove like the clappers from the cargo hold of the Qantas plane shouting and waving down the runway "We've got them". Needless to say, our Boys are very happy in a large air-conditioned apartment. Life is pressing a face against a warm window and letting our toes get the draft of the aircon. Finding an empty bed and in the sun baking position, arms up and legs apart, snoozing. Helping Emma and Jess with their homework on their desks.

The Boys are loved.

The Singapore Cat Club seems to get judges who are unable to judge Ragdolls. They tell us that it is gradually changing. We can't wait!

Emma, Jess, Fran and Mel Ritchie.
Singapore, March 31, 1998.
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