For the Love of Sebastian

bulletBy Jacqui Richardson...Australia (Dollywood Arnold)

Well, I guess I should put in a story too, since I have twisted everyone else's arm to ‘bare’ all.

Our introduction to Ragdolls began many years ago after seeing a program with Dot Graham and her Raggies.

I was always a dog person up till then and had only known semi feral cats that would rip off your arm as soon as look at you!

Then the day came! I think it had something to do with my counseling training at the time ... we were naval gazing about ‘taking care of ourselves’ and not just every other person in our lives. I had the strong message to DO SOMETHING FOR MYSELF and decided that it ain’t going to a hair appointment and a bubble bath! I’m going to get that Ragdoll.

After lots of frustrating phone calls that went along the lines of "Do you know any Ragdoll Breeders?" to hear back "any WHAT breeders" or "This is a joke right?", I finally got onto Tracy Alsop. Thank goodness... finally I speak with a sane person.

Tracy bred Sebastian, and finally the day arrived when I could take him home. He was and still is spoilt rotten and holds a very special place in my heart.

Tracy is totally responsible for launching me into the show scene. Along I fearfully went to none less than the Sydney Royal (talk about a baptism by fire, on ya Trace!).

That darn cat went all out that day. He took out Best in Breed, Best in Section and was placed third in head type against all longhairs...yep, the Persians too!

With David’s unfailing belief in my passion for animals and his loving support and encouragement to begin breeding, I tentatively stuck a toe in the water. I must say, I was literally terrified of other Ragdoll breeders (except Tracy), as I had experienced ‘killer tactics’ in the dog world.

David soon became an intrinsical part of our joint love of cats and has found many avenues to be involved. He has written informative papers and helps with many health issues in ways that are not only innovative, but actually work!

I really don’t think I would be breeding today if it weren’t for David’s knowledge of my secret wish to surround myself with small dependant creatures (This folks, is called a need to be needed! anyone identify?) and Tracy’s help and support in making my wish become a reality.

My family has always bred animals from miniature poodles, to tropical fish and after all... we do have five kids!! It was in the blood........ I was doomed!

Sebastian went on to produce the most magnificent looking babies and only one has been kept entire, Ragajac Bear... and you guessed it... we have kept him.

Sebby was not a happy stud, he always looked longingly to our bedroom and it was breaking my heart to see him so miserable. Sebby had his last litter early this year and was desexed. He has put on 3 kg and lives in our bed again and he is sooooo happy.

I love that cat, and will never part with him...

Thank you Tracy for letting me own Sebby and helping us so much in those early and difficult days...not that it has got much easier mind!!!

Author: Jacqui Richardson.
© 2002-2003


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