Nan's Ragdoll

bulletby Audrey Cowlard .......New Zealand

Nan's RagdollThis is just a short true story about Jacqui Richardson’s Great Granma who will be 96 on 6 February.

She has always loved animals and has had many cats. She is now in a rest home and has a gray cuddly cat (toy).

This was given to her when her miniature poodle died just over a year ago. Wherever Great Granma goes around the rest home the puss is tucked under her arm, even takes it to the dining room.

To her, the puss she calls Janie is real. She even tries to feed it with tidbits which makes Janie rather sticky. So a replica cat had to be made so that one is in the wash and the other with Great Granma.

She loves to see the photos of the Ragdoll cats, not realizing that she really owns "2 Ragdoll Cats"!!

Editor’s note.

Nan sadly passed away last week. My Nan was one of those gorgeous "nannies" who spoilt you rotten, no amount of sweets were ‘too many’ and she always remembered what kind of veggies you hated and made sure you didn’t get them!

And her chocolate malt logs were deadly!

She was a truly remarkable lady who I loved dearly.

Good-bye Nan, see you in heaven with the chocolate malt log.

Author Audrey Cowlard
© 2002-2003


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