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bulletby Renae Grace... Australia

"It was the 17.10.97 and I was on my way to visit some friends for dinner when I was involved in a horrific car accident which left me in a coma for 3 weeks and then after 2 lots of brain surgery, a pelvis reconstruction and intense rehabilitation I was released from hospital in mid-December, 1997. Prior to the accident I was a healthy, active and happy-go-lucky 28 year
old women. For years before the accident it was my intent to purchase a Ragdoll Cat, it had always been a dream. Since the accident that dream has become reality. I wrote to the radio station 2DAYFM for a segment called Crew to the Rescue where as a thank you for my parents dedication and support during my recovery, I organized a trip away for them. At the end of the letter I stipulated I was looking for a Ragdoll Breeder who could supply me with a female, seal point Ragdoll Kitten. Instead of putting me in touch with a breeder the radio station actually organized my kitten for me. Thank you to Coral Mortley I now pick up my dream Ragdoll Kitten towards the end of May, 1998. Finally my dream comes true. I still have
one or two operations to get through but the reward for all of this is Chloe, my Ragdoll. As soon as I pick her up I will submit photographs and keep you updated with our progress...but not only is my Ragdoll a dream come true but it is my light at the end of the tunnel".

Author: Renae Grace
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