Layby is a Great Way to Buy

bulletBy Cheryl Marshall... Australia

Hi, my name is Cheryl Marshall and I am going to tell you all about how I first came to buy my beautiful neuter boy Kaiwara Hokioi.

It was 1993 and we had owned two Great Danes who we loved dearly but unfortunately both had died 12 months apart from conditions related to old age. It was a great loss and they were sadly missed however about six months after the last one had died a poor starving stray cat wondered in, and yes, you guessed it, we fed her and consequently were presented with three lovely domestic kittens.

After having been "dog people" for years we suddenly realized the joy of owning a cat. They are much easier (most times!!!) to look after and there is none of the puppy training that you have with dogs. You know the newspaper etc. Yuk!

Well it wasn't long before I wanted to investigate the different breeds and at the time "Burkes Backyard" had a program on showing Gerda Stapel and her Ragdolls. Gerda, of course, was not living in Queensland when the show was taped. I had little trouble talking my ex husband into the Ragdoll as they appeared quite "dog like" in their nature and I think he rather liked the idea of the status symbol that a rare breed brings.

We talked about it for quite a few months but not having taken any details down at the time of the program didn't really know where to start.

When we were on holidays in January 1994, I purchased a magazine called the "Thistle Pet Advertiser and Pet Information" which contained an article regarding a NSW Ragdoll breeder. This was avidly read and discussed and we decided to call her and enquire about the Ragdolls. She informed us that there were no breeders in Queensland at the time, but we could buy from her.

We obtained all the details and decided to think about it, as we would be buying sight unseen, never having even seen a Ragdoll.

About two weeks later I was reading a weekend paper and low and behold there was an advertisement about Ragdolls and they were only about 20 minutes drive from us.

Well, you can imagine my excitement. I wanted to go NOW. I phoned the number and spoke to Gerda who told us we could visit anytime and see the cats. It was love at first sight. If I had been allowed to I would have taken one home then.

My husband had decided that he wanted a Seal Bicolor just like the one in the magazine and in our ignorance did not realize that it wasn't that easy, beautifully marked bicolors don't just drop out of the sky.

Money was always a problem but Gerda explained we could place an order and pay by installments and I gladly agreed to this arrangement. I regularly sent a payment to Gerda and she would send me a receipt in return until the day finally arrived that I had paid and we arranged that the next Seal Bicolor born would be ours.

Well, the day arrived and Gerda called to say that she had two lovely bicolor boys, one blue and one seal. Off we went to choose and of course my husband selected the seal, I would have been happy with any color or pattern as long as it was one of these beautiful cats.

Well, I have to tell you, I must have driven Gerda mad! I visited my baby most weekends, so that he would know me when I took him home.

My darling Hoki has seen me through many times of sadness and sickness and he has always been there for me. When I work too long at night he tells me to go to bed. If I stay in bed too long he tells me to get up, that is if I am only being lazy, if I am sick he seems to know and lets me stay in bed - and he stays with me. He talks to me and stays by my side constantly when I am home and he never, ever goes mad at me if I am late home. Sometimes he tries to tell visitors to go home because it is my bedtime but they think he wants to go outside, but he knows, and I know, that he never goes outside, he just wants THEM to go outside.

I read an article some time ago by Tanya Vagg in which she stated that Ragdolls were addictive. Well, I'm here to tell you Tanya was right, I now own three Ragdolls, (or do they own me) and yes you've got it, layby is a great way to go. Thanks, Gerda.

Author Cheryl Marshall
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