The Question of Indoors or Outdoors?

bulletWe recommend that your kitten is kept indoors. It is the safest place for your cat and protects the wildlife outside.

There has been increased awareness of the damaging effect that cats can have on our environment and this has become such a problem that currently draft legislation is in process in many countries.

Cats are natural hunters. Please do your part in protecting our wildlife and the well-being of your cat. Internal parasites, disease and abscesses are just a few problems that your cat may pick up from digesting or fighting wildlife, (this includes feral cats).

bullet The best way to protect your cat and the wildlife is to keep your cat indoors at all times!

The other dangers for your cat roaming free to consider are:-

1. Dog attacks

2. Car accidents

3. Cat fights or getting lost.

4. Exposure to diseases

5. Theft

bulletThe trauma to your cat is distressful and the resultant vet bills can be very costly!


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