Love at First Sight

bulletby Kaline Harmer ...Tasmania


Love at First Sight by Kaline HarmerI remember the first time last year when I first went to see a cat show, it was then that I had seen the lovely Ragdolls and wanted to have one of my own to love and show.

The Ragdoll captivated me from that moment and I just fell in love with them, their big blue eyes and something very special about them, just a cuddle or even a look and I was love struck.

When a breeder rang and said that she had a three week old kitten that could be mine and said that I could come down and have a look, I knew from then that this little baby doll was to be mine to adore and love.

The time I spent waiting for him to grow and be ready to take home was unbearable I must of rang the breeder so many times just to see how he was and drove her up the wall. We named him Onslow because the breeder said all he dose is lie around and he reminded her of Onslow in "Keeping up Appearances" on the ABC TV.

Nine weeks went very slowly but did come around and it was wonderful to be able to bring my little man home and the joy and excitement was great and he settled in very well, paddling and purring when ever he could sometimes he paddles so much I call him "Paddle pops"!

But, like the breeders of Ragdolls say they are addictive and I had to get one more to love. My new boy arrived on a plane and that was very exciting picking him up from the airport and he is wonderful too and was not fussed by the trip at all, even in his carry case he purred and purred. They make my life so happy and it is wonderful to come home to relax with my very spoilt , loving boys.

My new boy Sylvestire got on well with Onslow and settled in and made him self right at home, they are very funny to watch together and often sleep next to each other and groom one another.

Where ever I am they are with me and always follow me from room to room and I would never be with out my two happy Ragdoll boys.

They are really a treasure to behold.

Kaline Harmer
© 2002-2003

From Tassie.


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