My First Doll

bulletBy Kylie Whitbread...Australia

As far back as I can remember my family and I have had a cat all outdoor moggys. From Scraps the ferocious cat who would bound out of the bushes latching onto your legs when you walked past to Twinkie, who insisted the sunny driveway was his and was intent never to move.

After the loss of my dear old friend Becky I was interested in buying a pedigree, a pretty looking cat. After much research, the Ragdoll was my only choice, with eyes big and blue, and easy maintenance coat and a much-loved temperament. But my research did not prepare me for what I was to embark on, My First Doll.

After a few frustrating calls I connected with Ragajac the wonderful home of Raggies situated in Arcadia - NSW and introduced myself to David and Jacqui. I went to their home to discuss the purchase of a Ragdoll kitten and was greeted by little balls of fluff rolling on the floor playing, jumping from ledges on their elaborate scratching/play post and my heart began to melt. There, was a seal point girl who stole my heart, as she jumped and played with her brothers and sisters I knew she was to be my new baby, Ragajac Molly.

The weeks that led to her coming home were by far the most painful, waiting patiently till each weekend arrived so I could visit my little bundle of joy, until the day came when she would come home and change our lives forever. The toys were spread around the house, with two litter trays, sheepskins, you name it, this little kitten had it waiting as she came through the door to the big wide world called home.

The weeks that followed after her coming home saw me rushing home from work to play with her and spending hours watching her, slowly getting bigger and bolder and our routine started to form. Now seven months old, we play at night with ping pong balls and she is now known as the Windsor Downs Champion Soccer Player as she bats balls of paper from one end of the house to the other, completing the circuit with a summersault at the end. She sleeps curled around my head and purrs in my ear and peddles when I wake in the morning. She sits on the vanity and plays with the water as she watches me getting ready for work and greets me with a purr and request for a tummy tickle when I arrive home. Every part of my daily routine has the sweet charm of Molly as she follows me and talks and our lives flow in harmony. We travel to shows and to visit friends in our busy social life and I wonder how I ever existed without such a special friend. And if you own a Ragdoll, then you will know what I mean, there is something about them which sets them apart as they capture our hearts and shape our lives and we will never be the same. It is true what they say you can never stop at your First Doll.

Author: Kylie Whitbread
© 2002-2003


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