Cooking for Your Ragdoll

bulletThere is a widespread belief in some countries that too much dried food causes kidney problems. We know of no known foundation for this with modern good quality dry foods and many Ragdoll breeders in USA feed their kittens ONLY dried food.

Raw chicken wings are good to keep teeth and gums healthy but please watch your kitten while young.

As each kitten is different and has his/her own preferences, ask your breeder exactly what your kitten enjoys.

Your kitten requires three meals a day till around five months old and then two meals a day. Some cats are happy to have one meal a day when adult, however, the recommendation is two smaller meals a day. It is easier on the catís digestion and an enjoyable part of their day!

We donít recommend an all meat diet. This diet is lacking in various vitamins and minerals which are vital to your catís continued good health.

bulletThese foods are a small part of the diet, and are used as treats only.

1. Fish. Place fish (no bones!) in casserole dish and cover with milk and place lid or foil on top. Bake on moderate heat for 20-30 minutes. Drain and flake fish, check for bones. Feed to your cat when cool. (We use this occasionally for our older cats)

2. Chicken. We buy whole chickenís and steam them until cooked. Remove flesh from bones and once again feed to your cat when cool.


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