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bulletPlease note: All Sales are between the individual private parties and not by Ragdoll International. Either parties may refuse or accept any offer or request.

Do you have kittens available? Are you looking for a kitten with a particular color or pattern to add to your program? Then this is the place for you! We would like all our Ragdoll International members to have the possibility of breeding the absolute best Ragdolls.

If you would like to list your kitten or a description of a particular kitten that you are looking for, please send us your information by filling out the Available Kitten Form.

bulletPlease, you must be a member of RI in order to list your kittens, either for sale or looking for.
*Listings more than a month old will be automatically removed, keeping your viewing up to date. The listings for people that are "Looking For A Kitten" are listed below the available listing, please check it out if you have kittens available.


 bulletRagdoll Kittens Available

email: melissaplanb@gmail.com
realname: Melissa
date: 5/16/2017
phone: 540-484-3900
website: rockstarragdolls.com
colorpattern: seal lynx sepia
date_of_birth: 4/08/2017
gender: female
pet_breeder_or_show: Yes
ship: yes
Selling: Selling
sending_a_photo: yes
BreederMember: Yes
Sire_of_Kitten: Cinnbad
Dam_of_Kitten: Fannie
Organization_kitten_registered: TICA
Location: Virginia
email: ragdollkittycats@aol.com
realname: Ragdollkitty Ragdolls
date: '4/24/2017'
phone: '760-458-3117'
website: 'www.ragdollkittycats.com'
kittensname: ''
colorpattern: 'Seal Point Mitted'
date_of_birth: '3/15/2017'
gender: 'Male'
pet_breeder_or_show: 'Pet, Breeder, Show'
ship: 'yes'
Selling: 'Selling'
sending_a_photo: 'yes'
BreederMember: 'Yes'
Sire_of_Kitten: 'Mojo Del Sol'
Dam_of_Kitten: 'La Vida Loca'
Organization_kitten_registered: 'TICA'
Location: 'Carlsbad CA'
comments: 'CALL/TEXT 760-458-3117 or email weezi2002@aol.com or ragdollkittycats@aol.com for current pics/video >^..^< Price varies slightly by color! $100.00 Discount for two or more! - GORGEOUS, STUNNING BLUE-EYES, TICA REGISTERED RAGDOLL BABIES- CALL, COME, AND CHOOSE YOUR NEW FAMILY MEMBER! 100% 3 YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEE!!...Established in 2006, we are a small, reputable TICA/CFA Registered Ragdoll Cattery in North S.D. County. Our parents and babies are ABSOLUTELY EXQUISITE with Championship blood-lines, extremely healthy, smart, & happy! Our babies are held, played with, and loved on – just plain spoiled, from day one!! Each comes with a generous Three-Year 100% Health Guarantee, Health Record Keeper & UTD shots. These cats are well known for their SUPER friendly and loving dog-like behavior, and their soft, slightly-shedding HYPOALLERGENIC rabbit-fur, which is topped off with STUNNING BLUE EYES...truly, these cats ARE IRRESISTABLE!! Various rare and traditional colors/patterns ARE available, please call 760-458-3117.

bullet Ragdoll Kittens Wanted

email: monicahamilton@q.com
realname: Monica Hamilton
date: 4.14.17
phone: 5055012455
website: www.purrfectkittens.biz
colorpattern: Seal Point
gender: Female
pet_breeder_or_show: Show / breeder
Looking: Looking
BreederMember: Yes
Sire_of_Kitten: NA
Dam_of_Kitten: NA
Organization_kitten_registered: NA
Location: California
comments: Would like a big girl with deep blue eyes to join our Ragdoll family. Thank you!



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